There is this phrase that will keep haunting you on the internet world like a wicked ghost; and what is the phrase? It is called "Huge Traffic".

Wherever you run to for blogging solution, the prophetic reoccurring response is "You need to build a huge customer base" which simply means that you need a very huge traffic to pay you for your efforts on the Internet. Most of the generous people you consult for help will then dish out lengthy ways to acquire huge traffic online (though some of their suggestions may or may not work for you) based on so many factors such as your niche, your financial status, your geo-location, etc.

Your mentor, your tutor, your consultant, or whatever you call him/her will tell you about Search Engine and Search Engine Ranking, Social Network and Social Signals which at the moment of writing this post are topping the lists of traffic generation strategies.

Most importantly, they don't tell you that you need to gain the ability to answer the question of "What is the Link between Social Signals and Your Search Ranking?"

If you are still blogging for fun or let me refer to it as blogging your hobby, then this post won't make meaning to your conscious spirit at this time but I bet you that your subconscious is holding a pen and paper and jotting it for your possible future need. For the readers whose focus is to commercialize their blogging efforts, missing out on the "6 First Income Streams Recommended for Bloggers" is a big sin that you are not expected to commit. It is said that what separated extraordinary achievers from the ordinary achievers is just the prefix "extra" and the extra at this juncture can be referred to as not allowing yourself to miss out on the fact you deserve to know.

Sincerely yours, you will keep hearing the lamentation: Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!
Are you now telling me that everyone one having the required amount of internet traffic are having their funnels overflowing; I mean their income funnels? At this smart era of ours, statistics have shown that potential money for every blogger is in mobile than desktop implying that mobile customers or clients must be taken seriously. Building status, trust and credibility are not just enough if you are still wig-washing on the part of landing page and the perfection of its design. "7 Key Design Elements for a Mobile Landing Page that Converts" should worth your time if you keenly believe your customers deserve the best from you.

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