When I say my poetry
I hear many umbilical tongues
Mock my passionate evergreens

They say samueldpoetry
Why art thou weep for help
For help none wouldst bestow

My helps are sure from the Maker-of-my-Soul
My God, My Creator, My All-In-All
Always been there_ now and back then
When swimming for the fallopian

I cry not for self nor self gain
I cry for the flaws of my soil
I wonder why none care for fairness

The poor are pleased to be poor
The rich are pleased to be riding
The poor, and the richly poor in devil-three-way

Why many African mothers hatch their children
Vulnerable to hawk of poverty
That is the point why I cry

Why are these elderly eyes ignoring
The strained babies neck in the market
Showing how selfishness has thrived

Why are talented thefts a precious pearl in this environment
Why are dungeons of missing souls
Escalating in this millennium of ours

I am forced to cry why
And keep wondering why wars and cessations
In Africa a fun game they play

I am forced to cry
Why are they strongly setting this earth of ours
On lake of fire to destroy

O! why is our cries unheard by these wicked hearts
O! Why is our plights still wandering desert of nonchalancy
And why is there no head to tell us why

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo With Wings Flying)

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