O nations you've ignored the widows
How can you grow?
The sad souls of the widows
Have shut the heavenly window
National prayers dangle to and fro
The sky like sparrows
Why have you denied the widows?
The family burden is shouldered alone
Bills are pushed in like wheelbarrow
Their worries ache their marrows
Like a suicidal rope
The feeding, the school fee, the loans
And all they've borrowed clot their throats
We've paid tithe_ give it to the widows
Sorry, the cathedral spent it on piano
Helpless widows
Soon sell their matrimonial potholes
To tigers and toads
A patient eyes will see the nose
If you look close
You'll see the widows weep for how to cope
Many cold and rainy nights alone
If ten percent can acquire dildo
Should ninety percent battle their pillows?
Have you ever cared to know?
If the beautiful widows find a new Romeo
Where will the ugly throw their affections to;
This human body is not a stone...

Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry
(the Leo with wings flying)

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