One man's meat is another man's poison, which is also applicable even in the realm of internet writing for cash. I can consider myself one among the lucky few with spare time to write and share their thoughts and knowledge in form of alphabetic construction; most college teachers have spare time to engage in many things which push those with passion for writing to dive into it.

My very huge thanks-you goes to the internet emergence which has saved many writers from the rampant trampling rejections from the printing press or publishing houses. These days all that matter is the thought of what-to-write, knowing that the listening audience are waiting to digest it via blog platforms and diverse internet writers' marketplaces.

I must confess that many of the writers' marketplaces are floppy_ enslaving the writers' passion and playing on the writers' intelligence. If you do not believe me, go enroll for a freelance writing and see for yourself. Enroll and witness how most of the freelance websites put the writers through test and survey for their self gain. Enroll and witness how clients will or might probably rubbish your hours of writing and editing. Common excuses are "You didn't adhere to the regulations", "Hello, you forgot plagiarism is a huge crime", "Your client realized you're from Namibia, she declined to pay", and many more.

In case you wonder what Essayshark has got to do with this post, there are still few freelance websites with solid integrity but I'm not in the position to eulogize any; meaning that Essayshark is neither included nor excluded. While I still maintain my neutrality, permit me to say that Essayshark is not bad though one or two frowning comments could be found on this internet world about its mangement. I also feel it will be better for Essayshark to broaden its freelancers' payment method and avoid the policy of payment threshold.

If any writer begs me on the path to thread as regards working with freelance websites, I'll candidly suggest Hubpages and Collegly. Hubpages is a community for both writers and viewers (similar to wordpress-dot-com in some aspects) with more than 40 million audience. On the other hand, Collegly is a place where students and tutors meet and both party probably benefit. Those who have questions ask and answers come; its as simple as that though there are other background details.

The good thing about Hubpages and Collegly is that a writer can earn cash from both platforms without going through backaching tasks. Writters write based on willingness and convenience not under compulsion. Writers' efforts are openly judged through viewers' engagement.

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