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When a pair of trousers loses its buttons, it definitely doesn’t holds and similar is the case of a business or commercial activities void of its firm grip on transaction. The way by which people create smooth relationship is via healthy communications and in the business side of life, transaction is synonymous to communication. A very healthy transaction will yield a long-term bond between business owners and their customers. Few of the vital rules for healthy transaction are examined below.

The Vital Rules For Healthy Transaction
1.       (1) Simplify Your Sales Language : Communication is not what you say, it’s how you say it. Contrary to what some educators teach, the key to effective communication is simplicity which is also applicable to transaction. Dear seller or businessman, you need to ring as a bell which is always loud, clear and simple. Your sales pad or Call-To-Action must bemotivating and driven. Long sugar-coated vocabularies are mere time wasting. A transaction must be easily understood by laymen and anyone irrespective of the circumstance or atmosphere. In a nutshell, let your sales message be as simple as a restaurant menu.

2.       (2) Enter the Customers’ Head: This somewhat similar to the idea in the movie titled: What Women Want. Where Mel Gibson’s problem ended when he was privileged to hear the hearts of all women around.  As you transact with customers_ whether individuals or groups_ try your very best to clearly hear their inner babbles or requests by ask yourself these questions: Who is my audience? What are the needs? How can the needs be simply achieved? How much efforts are required of me? If your transaction aim is not client driven, you need to make changes because if you always determine to meet clients where they are then your sales funnel will highly swell; be a better heart communicator.

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   (3)Show the Truth: Credibility proceeds great bargain. There are two ways to it; first, you must believe in what you sell or the service you render. Second, you must live what you sell or the service you render. There is no greater credibility than conviction in action. Many businesses over advertise but under-deliver; what a havoc! As a business owner or as a seller, are there any discrepancy between what you advertise or promise and what you deliver or eventually sell.

4.       (4) Seek Responses: As you transact, never forget that the goal of all transaction is action. According to the bestselling author of many sales books and tapes, Brian Tracy, “There are dozens of proven ways for you to close the sale, each of them appropriate for different situations. If you have built a solid relationship with the prospect, positioned yourself as a consultant and a teacher and matched your products and services carefully to the real need of your prospects, the close is relatively easy and painless.” The best response to any given transaction should lead to buying or paying_ in present or later time.

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