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Internet Is Not For Mediocrity
It is best to know that internet is not a joke or neither for the *jokers* because the population of the people making their living via the internet will not permit the act of mediocrity to thrive. In a simple rephrase, internet is a business which follows the process of investing to earnings (you put in your time, your knowledge and your money as to earn more money, better status or even both). The higher the investment, the higher the possible gain_ that is why promotional efforts are very essential online today as one of the certainties towards internet prosperity. I have written a very trending article titled [The Blind Spot In Blogging For Money]_ you need to check it out as well.

The financially and the non-financially promotional strategies are available to anyone who has online commercial motive ranging from online service delivery, ecommerce store, down to the mere act of personal blogging. No wonder we see ads fly with tireless wings all over the internet last year and this present. Many people and organizations are eager to pay for the success of their online projects which on the other hand has left advertising agencies with no option than to work night and days to dazzle their clients with result-guaranteed ad formats such as banner ads, text ads, popunders, interstitial, in-text ads, page ads, direct link ads, bar ads, keyword ads, native ads, feed XML ads, email ads, search ads, etc.
Many organizational webmasters and sole-bloggers are witnessing the headache of attaining their desired traffic. While those with cash showoff their financially buoyant by allowing their money work the traffic magic for them, those with no willingness to part with the token in their wallets resolved to searching nooks and crannies of the internet for the free ways to increase their web traffic.

The Free Traffic Boosting Tools
Few of these free tools have proven very useful: (1) AddThis (2) Crowdfire (3) Recurpost (4) Dlvrit (5) Wordpress.
  • ADDTHIS:- 

In 2004, Hooman Radfar founded this amazing social bookmarking service that gives webmasters and blogger the ability to integrate the software into their website or blog. Hardly has any website exist today without integrating AddThis because it gives the privilege to share any webpage to 300+ platforms and CMS (Content Management System) via simple click. Other tools similar to AddThis are AddToAny, Shareaholic, JetPack Share, Sumo, etc. I have tried most of the mentioned but prefer AddThis due to its freedom and the availability of WhatsApp button via AddThis.

In 2010, Crowdfire was created to help twitter users get better management of their twitter account. When I got to know Crowdfire, it was called JustUnfollow before it was renamed and rebranded with more flexibility. I had 258 twitter followers the day I registered free for crowdfire_ filled my category and 24 hours laters my twitter followers skyrocketed to 926 followers and has been increasing since then for free. I even added my intagram account and it boost my instagram followers like magic. Crowdfire also has Andriod App and a Google chrome extension.


Dinesh Agarwal's headache and hunger for social media solution led him to the creation of Recurpost. A software that renews and reshares again-and-again all posts already shared to social media platform. Actually any webmaster using wordpress as hosted CMS might not see any need for Recurpost because a plugin created by called WP Content Resharer Pro and another plugin created by 99 Robots called Content Resharer will perform the function meant to be performed by Recurpost. Those using Blogger CMS can rely heavily on Recurpost to keep their blogging alive and boost traffic.

  • DLVRIT:- 

Is similar to Recurpost, Buffer, Hootsuite, Circular, etc.Dlvrit will pick your article and share it to your social media automatically, and does post your new article to your social media immediately you hit publish in your website or blog. Where Recurpost edges Dlvrit is that the joy of reposting old articles are for paid account not for free in Dlvrit.


You might be forced to ask "Is Wordpress a social bookmark tool?" The straight answer is that Wordpress is more than a CMS, it is everything that makes up blogging or internet awareness. With free plugin called Jetpack which was created by Automattic, dissemination of contents to multiple platforms is made very easy. The only limitation with Wordpress' Jetpack is inability to automatically repost content like in the case of Recurpost and paid Dlvrit. In one of my article, I revealed how use proper use of wordpress can make 4 facebook acounts with a mere 200 friends each yield better website traffic than a facebook fanpage having 10,000 likes.

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