One of the best ways to improve a website or blog is via email marketing (i.e. the use of email subscription). As at the moment of writing this article, email marketing is still very effective and my study of the concept has opened my vision to witness many amazing creativities that webmasters have inculcated into their email marketing techniques.

On the part of website and blog owners, email subscription is very helpful. On the part of internet surfers or online information seekers, email subscription is also very helpful in the sense that it keeps the website visitor abreast of the updates on the website or blog they had visited. This shows that both the webmasters and the web surfers are gaining from email subscription.

Recently, I have been fondly subscribing to any website or blog that is of interest to me: wpengine, Reuters, gizmodo, tvfanatics, investopedia, readersdigest, leadsleap, Johnchow, etc. And yes, johnchow! Which I subscribed in the mid last month (July) and the endless updates I've been receiving has tirelessly kept my jaws exclaiming "What!" "Are You Kidding Me?!" "This Is Far From Life!"

To tell you the truth, John Chow's blog monetization philosophy is very incredible. There are two major blog monetization techniques which are (1 ) Affiliate Marketing (2) Third-Party Advertising. While some blogger-school-of-thought encourage the use of third-party advertising technique, another blogger-school-of-thought has glorified affiliate marketing at the expense of the third-party advertising technique. In the case of John Chow, he downplayed both (most especially affiliate marketing which has been claimed better between the two) and his reasons gladdened my heart; he explained to detail, in his free ebook, why any webmaster or blogger aiming big should never consider affiliate marketing.

Although, I've richly embraced John Chow's blog monetization philosophy but his constant updates in my email box has not in any way added to my willingness to tag into the knowledge tank of his blogging professionalism; in short, his updates has been so crappy and see few instances below.

Those images are screen shot of email coming from John Chow. I'm certain that someone very candid will look me in tje eyes and tell me "Dude! Those emails are very confusing and goading. Unsubscribe ASAP."

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