No matter how perfect we are, when we walk, the head will vibrate. This implies no one can claim perfection. In case you do not know, I had witnessed Mr. Perfect beaten times without number and thrown out of the ring in the good old wrestling.

Lets halt the digression and get back to the discussion. There are three mostly used Nigerian hosting services and their names go thus: 1. WhoGoHost 2. Xcludom 3. HostNowNow.

The common flaw they all share is with their website hosting service which is void of unlimited bandwidth. Kudos to NameCheap whose cheapest shared hosting makes provision for an unlimited bandwidth; if you understand the necessity of bandwidth, you will have no choice than to first consider bandwidth when choosing a hosting service.

With the noted shortcomings of Nigerian web hosting services, why do we still need to run to them for website hosting? Well, the answer is simple_ as I stated in my comprehensive review of WhoGoHost, that "since PayPal began toiling with the patient hearts of busy Nigerians (by sometimes belittling submitted MasterCard or Visa Card ). People who seek to have a website now look up to WhoGoHost as the temple that will answer their desires."

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  • WhoGoHost:- 

This is a Nigerian web hosting service. Many Nigerian webmasters and bloggers have flooded WhoGoHost because it simply sells the CHEAPEST DOMAIN NAME ( e.g. yourwebsitename, costs #1200 per/yr and even lesser if 2 years is paid for ). Its domain price give it edge over Xcludom and HostNowNow.

WhoGoHost might probably maintain its supremacy if the following are adjusted:
(1) WhoGoHost Contact Page is fake. The local address might be correct but the phone lines are never working and never reachable 7 days a week.
(2) WhoGoHost Customer Service is ZERO. It takes many days before emails sent are replied, when you make purchase from WhoGoHost, you will still undergo stress of sending email begging for verification of your purchase.
(3) WhoGoHost Knowledge Base is unprofessional. When you visit giant hosts such BlueHost, Hostgator, NameCheap, GoDaddy, even Xcludom; their knowledge base are very self-explanatory with diagrams to clearly direct your steps. Most of WhoGoHost Knowledge Base Topics are not included in its sitemap but can only dug out via the Google search.
(4) WhoGoHost live chat is a camouflage_ such is not too good for any serious minded organization. I used to chat for hour with staffs of NameCheap at anytime and anyday because the satisfaction of their clients is their concern.

  • Xcludom Services:- 

It is the most expensive among the three. It does not sell "". Its website design service is also expensive in terms of cost.

Based on my two years experience with Xcludom Services, I highly recommend it to anyone who will be willing to pay #2000 higher than the price of WhoGoHost and HostNowNow. What are the reasons for my recommendation? The customers service of Xcludom is very very magical. You can reach them anytime of the day_ even 1 a.m. when everyone is sleeping_ Xcludom never sleeps. As I write this article, Xcludom is the only Nigerian Web host that can host your website and still provide your website a professional domain name for a whole year without you paying a dime for the domain name (note:- a domain name can be provided by Xcludom Service for free if you contact the management and explain your plight for not being able to pay for a domain name. In return, Xcludom will look into your internet vision to determine whether it worths the sacrifice). Seeing is believing; the staffs at Xcludom will set up your host cpanel free (irrespective which one you prefer WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Forum Press, etc) if you do not have the computer coding knowledge. Xcludom Services is amazing in so many ways I prefer not to buttress in this article because it is not written for the purpose of critical review of Xcludom Service.

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  • HostNowNow:- 

Is another Nigerian web hosting service which provides a very affordable services. Take for instance, www.yourwebsitename, cost #1500 at HostNowNow (a #300 difference compared to the price at WhoGoHost). Many small Nigerian websites  are hosted by  HostNowNow because it provides the cheapest hosting; as cheap as #2000 a year.

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