It is only those who wear a fool's cap will believe that all they need to create a successful business is a foolscap sheet of business plan. Forget the nomenclatures of business journals you have encountered so far because they will forever remain a mere list unless you develop some vital entrepreneurial traits and below are few you might find reasonable.

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The Undeniable Enterprrneurial Traits
  • Positivism: They live by what they believe. Entrepreneurs are mostly seen with the ability to adhere to their living principles in absence of metaphysical dogma  and most of their principles always make me allude to the Book of Sirach chapter 41, verses 18-19 "... Before a public assembly, be ashamed of breaking the law. Before a friend or partner, be ashamed of dishonesty. Before your neighbors, be ashamed of theft. Be ashamed of breaking a promise..." And the Book of Sirach chapter 42, verses 1-2 "Here are some things you should not be ashamed of: the law of the Most High and his covenant, judging even godless people fairly, sharing expenses with a business partner or a travelling companion, sharing an inheritance, using accurate weights and measures, making a profit, whether great or small, bargaining with a merchant..."

  • Failing Forward: A book that teaches how to turn mistakes into success by reassuring the readers that failure is a stepping stone to any worthy achievement. Yes! Those who accept the message in John Maxwell's book titled "Failing Forward" definitely possess entrepreneurial traits. They try, by not allowing perfection to form a clog in the wheels of their daily pursuits and before they realize it, their lives have turned to that of Maria Sarapova's book titled "Unstoppable: My Life So Far".

  • Lust After The Gain: Enterpreneurs are more driven by the juice. They have learned to be fearless way beyond imagining. Many people are capable of investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. but their eyes are fixed on the negative outcome_ fall in price. As of today, Usain Bolt is the fastest runner in terms of athletics but that doesn't mean every other athlete should resign running by concluding the negative: "Why should I waste my life competing in this race? Afterall, Usain Bolt is here and will definitely outrun us." Dwelling on the negative is easy but killing; a tiny grain of optimism in every endeavour of life can metamorphose into a mammoth harvest. So, as earlier said, investing in the aforementioned has the following layman's gain: long term span, returns with no sweating, collateral tool, financial credentials, etc.

  • Consistency Approach: In the game of chess, consistency is a necessity and Vlastimil Jansa mentioned it multiple times in one of his chess coaching books. This trait goes beyond chess but permeate through any endeavor that will eventually be called success. They are fully aware of the danger associated with inconsistencies which are as said in b2ttraning website to be "disrupted communication, breakdowns in process, missed or incomplete requirements, etc."
  • Addition Is Better Than Multiplication: Yes! I know that isn't true in a literal sense; so don't freakout. The point here is that a worthy or an assuring addition is better than subtraction, division or even a shallow multiplication. So why take a geometric step that leads to no where in no time than an arithmetic step that leads to an everlasting Nirvana? They improved on this trait by learning how to count their blessings by seeing beyond the foggy surface, by not losing sight of their kickoff motive, etc.
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